Friday, July 20, 2012

Tips to Select Top Management Colleges in India

Since MBA degree has become highly popular, there are numerous MBA or management colleges that have been set up all over India. Some of the college are very efficient and have a team of the best facilities in the area, while others merely provide an MBA degree and lack good education. Exams like CAT or CMAT can help you gain entry into these colleges and give you the chance to choose the best college for yourself. However, how do we choose the best college? what is the criteria to decide which college is better than the other? Following are some points which can help you decide a good college which would provide you with good education:
  • It is very essential to choose an MBA college which has a good reputation. For this, you need to do a bit of research work and go through the college website, the testimonials by the alumni, especially the celebrities who are the alumni etc. Also, you can check out the gallery, the other pictures of the various events held in the college and people who attended it. Also check if the MBA College is affiliated by a recognized University.
  • Check out the faculty. It is very important for you to know the areas of expertise of your faculty members. A good MBA College would consist of teachers who have the ability to extract your true potential and work on your skills and capabilities. So by the end of the course you can exhibit much more than you did in your CAT exam or CMAT exam.
  • For courses like MBA, it is essential to know the content and the syllabus of the course offered by the college. This majorly includes the internship sessions or workshops conducted by the college to give you a real life experience and teach you to deal with problems.
  • Finally check if the college conducts placements. There are many MBA colleges which promise to offer placements by the end of the final year, however only half of them fulfill it. Thus, do your homework and research on the placements conducted in the respective college and how many students got selected and placed.
These minute details can help you select a good MBA college. However, you would have to study hard and clear the CAT/CMAT before applying for any of the top notch colleges and choosing the best one. If you want to be the one choosing a good college from a large menu, you need to score high in the MBA exam and be eligible for the majority of top notch MBA colleges.

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