Wednesday, July 4, 2012

All about CMAT Ranking System

CMAT or the Common Management Entrance Test is an AICTE permitted national level entrance test for management studies in India. CMAT can be your admission pass to the most excellent business schools in the country and are as well among the hardest that you will find. So, if you wish to get the best MBA College then preparing for CMAT 2012 is a must for you. If you are gravely planning for the next MBA exam and rank amid the cream of the nation then you first need to know about the ranking system of CMAT as it will help you in working harder.

CMAT have planned a scoring system in which the final scorecard which will be handed out to the CMAT candidates will comprise the merit number, which will be a form calculated after taking into deliberation the average scores attained  in all four sections of the examination. Additionally, the scorecard will as well comprise individual marks accomplished by the applicants in all the four sections of the paper. In a situation where above one candidate gets the same merit grade, AICTE has developed a tie-breaking method that will be used by all institutes allowing CMAT scores. Consistent with the method, if above one applicant gets the same merit rank then they will be given a place in the list based on their sectional marks. For instance, if there are four students who get the same merit rank in CMAT 2012 consistent with their average scores, the student with the highest mark in the quantitative aptitude segment will be given the highest grade. He will be followed by the applicant with the highest scores in logical reasoning, with language and comprehension coming in next and general knowledge positioned at the end of the list. If even after following this process there is over one scholar with the same rank, the ranks will be maintained. For instance, if two applicants get rank 28, both their scorecards would read merit rank 28. Though, the ultimate list would then neglect the rank 29 and would continue directly to merit rank 30.

So, if you are planning to apply for CMAT exams then do not wait anymore start preparing now as these exams are tough to crack and the ranking system makes it tougher.

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