Friday, August 3, 2012

How to get admission in Top MBA Colleges

A career in MBA would open a wide range of opportunities. Today, every company seeks candidates with an MBA degree from a good MBA college. The college you apply for is thus very essential. One can get an MBA degree from anywhere but it is essential to know about the business world and the theories, practicality of the theories etc. All this can only be provided by a good MBA college which imparts quality education. However, to be a part of these MBA colleges is not an easy task. They choose only the best candidates based on an MBA entrance test called CMAT. It is a common management aptitude test conducted by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). It is a common written exam conducted on a national level and would gain you entry into more than 4,000 MBA schools all over India. However, clearing this exam is a challenging job. You need to be well prepared for this and it is a major pre-requisite to get admission into the top MBA colleges of India.

  • Language is an important consideration. You need to have to a good vocabulary and a command over the English language. There is a specific section dedicated to Language, also it will help you frame betters answers if you have an extended vocabulary.
  • General knowledge is a must. You can not clear CMAT if you lack in this area. Expertise on this cannot be achieved in 2-3 days, you need to be in constant touch with the outside world through newspapers, magazines, television, etc. 
  • Another major section is logics and reasoning. This is also an important part of the syllabus of MBA. For this, you need to practice hard. You can never be sure of the kind of questions asked so you need to practice hard for this so that you get aware of the type of logical and reasoning questions asked.
  • Resort to the sample question papers. CMAT is an online test and the answers are both objective and subjective. Sample papers would help you get a gist of the kind of questions asked and their form, this would help you perform better.
  • Quant and Data interpretation is another important section in the CMAT question paper. This, again, requires good practice. Get hold of the kind of questions asked in this section and prepare them well. The more you practice, the better will you perform.

If you prepare these entire well and study hard, you can for sure crack CMAT and get into the top most MBA colleges of India. CMAT results prepare a rank sheet. Your scores in CMAT would decide your rank number. A person on a higher rank would obviously have a wider option of top MBA colleges to choose from, so make sure you do not merely clear the exam but also rank high.


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